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Precautions for Using a Force Meter

Dynamometer penetrated into many fields, bringing convenient operation and accurate detection, with such high-tech testing equipment in the performance and quality improvement, in the next few years, it will help more industries to carry out efficient testing work to ensure the quality of products and other issues.

Ⅰ. Operating environments of a force meter

1. Pay attention to the humidity and dust in the operating environment. Dynamometer is not recommended for too long in the open air environment, especially not in the rain; operating environment to keep dry; dynamometer use to avoid close to heat sources.

2. Due to many occasions may have insect and rodent pest threat, force gauge signal line some places exposed outside, so need to prevent insect and rodent damage.

3. In areas where lightning occurs frequently, or in the thunderstorm season, must install a reliable lightning arrester or other reliable lightning protection measures, sensors and instruments are electrostatic sensitive equipment, in use must actually take anti-static measures.

Ⅱ. Precautions for using a force meter

1. If you want to have more accurate detection in the later use process, then in the purchase of the force meter, it is better to work with the professional measuring instruments suppliers and choose the basic parameters and detection performance in line with the requirements of your force gauge meter.

2. There are now many brands and models on the market, each model of equipment is equipped with its own manual, it is recommended that the staff in the operation of the dynamometer before, familiar with the contents of the manual, not only can master the correct use of the method and operation steps, but also the overall structure of the dynamometer equipment and performance advantages have an in-depth understanding.

3. The use of dynamometer, its operating environment is very important, especially for the voltage part, if and equipment does not meet the rated power standards, it is easy to cause the detection results are not accurate or bring different degrees of damage.

4. In addition to the power of the problem, the dynamometer equipment operating environment humidity and temperature may cause a direct impact on the detection results, it is recommended that we must pay more attention to these details, and the use of professional force measurement equipment for product force value detection.

5. Each operation should be done after the completion of the dynamometer cleaning work, to provide favorable conditions for the next test. In addition, regular maintenance work is also very important, according to the use of further development of a comprehensive maintenance program, which not only allows the equipment performance to be maintained, but also to extend its service life.

6. If the daily will not use to the dynamometer, then for its placement and storage, must choose a dry and ventilated environment, and assign a person to manage, and regularly take appropriate start-up measures and protective measures, such as testing the performance at intervals, paint anti-rust and moisture-proof products.

7. During the testing trails, you need to use different methods when testing different types of force meter. The staff must grasp the test methods and steps for each test piece.

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