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The Method and Development of the Bottle Cap Torque Tester

1. How to use the ECT bottle cap torque tester correctly

Before using the ECT bottle cap torque tester, you should pay attention to whether the torque tester can meet the measurement torque requirements, and should not be used beyond the range.

The ECT bottle cap torque tester should be fixed on the platform to prevent the instrument from sliding and affecting the measurement results during the test. According to different measured objects, select the appropriate position of the clamping rod, and use the adjustment handle to lock the measured object. If measuring the cap test with liquid, it should be noted that the liquid splashes and damages the instrument when the cap is opened.

Before measurement, check whether the battery icon in the lower right corner of the measurement interface is insufficient. If the battery is insufficient, plug in the charger and use it. Before starting the measurement, press the reset button in the measurement interface to reset the initial value.

According to the test needs, select the correct torque unit in the menu measurement settings, and on the measurement interface, use the mode button to switch the required measurement mode, such as tracking, peak, first peak, double peak and other measurement modes.

When the peak value needs to be measured, and the peak value can be automatically cleared after a certain period of time, the current mode can be selected as the automatic peak value mode, and the default is 5 seconds to automatically clear the zero value. set up.

If you need to measure the opening torque and twisting torque of the bottle cap, you can choose the double peak mode. In the double peak mode, the measurement interface will display the results of two consecutive measurements at the same time. According to the torque of different bottle caps, you can select the measurement mode in the menu. The lower double peak sets the drop ratio of the peak lock, and the drop ratio defaults to 20%.

2. How to develop the torque tester stably?

Considering the development of the torque tester industry in the context of the financial crisis, it is necessary to not only see the good development trend and prospects, but also can not ignore the problems and deficiencies in today's handheld torque meter industry.

Only in this way can we ensure the stable development of the torque tester industry in a large environment. Torque testers continue to expand into new fields and break through the flaw of weak scientific research and innovation capabilities, so that the industry can continue to develop strongly.

At present, the problems of some torque testers are mainly manifested in low technology content, poor innovation ability, low product quality and reliability, and low market competitiveness.

These issues ultimately point to the technological development, talent training, application and market expansion in the industry. These aspects are also the focus of solving the problem of torque tester and promoting the future development of the industry.

From the perspective of scientific and technological development, some countries need to increase technological investment and innovation in order to adapt to the future trend of high automation and intelligence.

Therefore, automatic control technology, automatic detection technology, safety instrument technology, sensor technology, wireless technology, etc. will become the key points that need to be focused and breakthrough in the future.

Through continuous improvement of torque tester technology and innovation, it will further develop from the low-end field to the high-end field, so as to further compete with enterprises from other countries in the market.

The innovation and development of science and technology are inseparable from professional talents, and the cultivation of professional talents is very important. At present, some educational institutions do not pay attention to professional curriculum settings, and there are few professional skills training institutions for torque testers, resulting in an extreme shortage of torque tester professionals.

This is also a major bottleneck and resistance in scientific and technological innovation and other fields. Therefore, increasing investment in research and development in the future and cultivating professional talents will be a major problem that needs to be solved in the future.

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