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Torque Tester Maintenance Tips

1. Introduction of torque tester

The torque tester is a precision instrument used to detect, test and calibrate various torques. It is used to measure and calibrate the torque and torque setting conditions of various electric batches, wind batches, torque batches, and torque wrenches. There are special fixtures and other tools for torque measurement of shafts, bearings, bottle caps and other products.

2. Tips for maintenance of torque tester

It is often encountered that the instrument is running up and down, and most of this phenomenon is caused by poor contact or weak welding. In this case, the digital torque meter can be maintained by tapping and hand pressing.

Use a small rubber hammer or other knocking objects to gently tap the plug-in board or component to see if it will cause an error or shutdown failure. The so-called "hand pressure" means that when a fault occurs, turn off the power and re-press the plug and socket by hand, and then turn on the machine like  bottle cap torque tester again to try whether the fault will be eliminated. 

Use sight, smell, and touch. Sometimes, the damaged components of the digital torque meter will be discolored, blistered or burnt spots; burned components will produce some special odors; short-circuited chips will become hot; virtual soldering or desoldering can also be observed with the naked eye. 

A method to determine the cause of the failure of the torque tester by some plug-in boards in the machine. When a certain plug-in board or device is removed, the instrument returns to normal, which means that the fault has occurred there. Two instruments of the same model or sufficient spare parts are required. Replace the same component on the malfunctioning machine with a good spare to see if the malfunction is eliminated. 

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