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Torque Tester

Torque Tester

Digital torque wrench tool tester and checker are mainly divided into two types: dynamic torque meters and static torque meters. Dynamic torque meters are generally dedicated dynamic torque sensors. Static torque meters are generally measured manually. Our main products are static digital torque meters testing device.

The use of torque meter gauge is very wide, from the tightness of the lids of various containers such as cosmetics, medical equipment and beverages, the tightness of screws, the torque of valve opening and closing, and various torques can be accurately measured as torque mining, torque medical and so on. Our company's torque test equipment and spring torque tester price is very affordable for our customers. Now torque gauge meter is widely used in the camera industry, mainly to measure the torque of the camera lens when zooming.

Type of torque tester

There are four main types of digital torque meter checking and testing machine in Mikrometry- a professional measuring instruments manufacturing company. Among them, ETTA digital handheld torque meter is mainly used for screw tightening torque verification. ETTB digital torque tester and ETTC digital torque tester are generally used for torque wrenches, pneumatic wrenches, and electric wrenches. The ETTC digital electronic torque tester and analyzer is an external sensor design. The last ECT bottle cap motor torque tester is mainly used to verify the torque of unscrewing the bottle cap. 

Advantages of Torque Tester

The Mikrometry torque tester has high-precision, multi-function, and multiple measurement modes. The accuracy of ±0.3% meets most of the measurement requirements, and multiple measurement modes meet different application scenarios. Self-contained multiple unit conversion,and equipped with 160*240 dot matrix LCD display, digital & chart display mode to prevent your eyes from visual fatigue.  

FAQ of Torque Tester

Does the digital torque meter can store data?

Yes, 1000 readings can be stored.

How do you calibrate a torque tester?

The lever is calibrated with torque, and the standard weight is used to calibrate the corresponding torque value according to the weight value.

How does a torque tester work?

A special torsion gauge is pasted on the elastic shaft to form a strain bridge with strain adhesive, and the electric signal of torsion of the elastic shaft can be measured by supplying power to the strain bridge. The strain signal is amplified and converted into a frequency signal proportional to the torsional strain.

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