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EST-HS2 Manual Durometer Test Stand

EST-HS2 durometer test stand is a test stand for durometer. The durometer force gauge stand is a workbench for loading Shore hardness tester testing. Using a three-point leveling stainless steel work platform, this durometer moperating test test stand is more stable and the measurement result of this durometer stand is more accurate. The overall structure of this durometer operating stand is reasonable.

Compared with shore hardness gauge, EST-HS2 durometer operating test stand can test various types of shore hardness.

durometer stand
durometer test stand

EST-HS2 Manual Durometer Test Stand Features

The durometer test operating stand can test various types of shore hardness.

Cam-type loading and unloading make the test process more stable.

Operation type: the indenter pressed against the sample

The measuring rod of the durometer stand can be adjusted by lifting.

Workbench adjustment: three-point leveling.

Durometer Operating Stand Specification

Operating Type

Inverter to specimen

Loading Method

Cam loading

Loading Stroke

18 mm

Specimen Thickness

60 mm

Throat Depth

65 mm

Support Table(dia.)

Φ116 mm

Lifting Adjustment

Screw adjustment

Table Adjustment

Three-point leveling

Net Weight

5.6 kg (excluding S weight)

Package Weight

7.6 kg (excluding D weight)

How to Use a Durometer Operating Test Stand

1. Unpacking

1.1 Take out the durometer test stand from the carton and remove the two packing foam inserts

Durometer Operating Stand

1.2  Unbundle the webbing strap and remove the foam sheet and foam pad

Durometer Stand

1.3 Install the handle of durometer stand


2. Weights Selection of Durometer Stand

Weights Selection of Durometer Stand

3. Simple Adjust for Support Table

In most applications, simple adjustments are usually sufficient for the durometer operating stand.

3.1 Release Tighten screw, turn height adjust knob, let durometer stand move down to contact on the support table.

Adjustment of Durometer Test Stand

3.2 Adjust 2 Vernier Knobs. Let the face of the support table be fully fitted to the bottom of the durometer operating stand.

Vernier Knobs of Durometer Stand

4. Install Durometer Operating Test Stand

4.1 Lift Handle to put down durometer stand

Durometer Test Stand

4.2 Tighten Durometer Stand through Tighten Knob

Tightening Durometer Stand

5. Fine Adjust for Support Table

When accurate measurements or calibration are performed, fine adjustments to the support table may be required.

5.1  Set the test mode of the durometer test stand to Timing Mode and set its Dwell Time as long as possible, such as 99 s. (Lengthening the time period for reading lock)

Fine Adjustment-of-Durometer-Stand

5.2 Put standard thickness block between press foot and the support table.

Operating Durometer Stand

5.3 Lift the handle to make the indenter of the durometer stand press onto the support able through the hole on the block.

Operating Durometer Test Stand

5.4 Now the readings are displayed on the durometer test stand. Adjust the Vernier Knobs to make the reading as larger as possible to near 50HS.

Readings of Durometer Operating Stand


1. If adjustment is not finished in setting time, lift the durometer operating test stand then press again for renewing the timing.

2. Because the indenter is often pressed into the table, the reading does not must be "50.0 HS", It is usually less than 50.0 HS. Just adjusting the table to the location of the maximum reading.

3. Too large or too fast adjusting may damage the indenter (especially for type D). So it is better to pre-adjust with the durometer test stand loaded. Or lift up and press down the durometer stand in adjustment.

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