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Use of Digital Force Meters

Ⅰ. The product uses of digital dynamometer

The digital force gauge is a high-precision small portable tension and pressure testing instrument. Widely used in high and low-voltage electrical appliances, electronics, hardware locks, auto parts, lighters and ignition devices, pens, light industry, construction, fishing gear, textiles, chemicals, machinery, IT and other industries and scientific research institutions for tension and compression loads, plugging and unplugging force test, destructive test, etc., is a new generation of digital tension and pressure testing equipment.

Ⅱ. The functional characteristics of digital force meter

1. High precision and high resolution, accuracy level 0.2, minimum reading up to 0.01N;

2. Peak hold function. Keep the peak display until manually cleared;

3. Peak automatic release function, keep displaying the peak value for 1 to 9 seconds and then automatically release;

4. N (Newton), kgf, lbf and other units are available for selection and mutual conversion;

5. Gravity acceleration setting function

6. Comparison function, free setting of upper and lower limit deviation value, automatic sound and light alarm setting of red and green indicator lights and buzzer;

7. Large memory storage function - 1000 test value storage;

8. Inductive backlight, on and off can be set freely;

9. The LCD display direction can be reversed;

10. Green and environmental protection, environmental protection, power saving and protection of the machine design, the shutdown time (10~90 minutes) can be set freely;

11. The 20-ton digital display dynamometer can set upper and lower limits and comparative values for statistical analysis. Buzzer alarm when the comparison value is exceeded;

12. 2 sets of installation dimensions, suitable for most testing machines at home and abroad, convenient for users to install on the machine for use;

13. Button configuration and operation are simple and easy to use; it can be installed on various testing machines and fixtures as a special testing machine;

14. Curves, and can be exported for various detailed analyses.

Ⅲ. How to use digital dynamometers?

1. Before using the digital dynamometer, please check whether the battery voltage is normal. If it is Undervoltage, it should be charged in time, otherwise, the measurement will be biased.

2. Estimate the measurement size and select a dynamometer with a suitable range. If the measurement exceeds the range, the dynamometer sensor will be damaged.

3. When the measured value is lower than 0.2% of the dynamometer range, the accuracy will deviate.

4. When not in use for a long time, the dynamometer should be charged regularly.

At the same time, when the weather is humid in summer, attention should be paid to the storage environment of the instrument to avoid corrosion of the instrument.

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