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Digital Microscope

Digital Microscope

Innovative digital microscope are microscopes without eyepieces. A digital camera acts as a detector. Images are displayed on a screen or monitor, turning the microscopy workstation into an ergonomic digital workplace.

This innovative digital microscope can be used in PCB boards, hardware, serial devices, FPC, textiles, tickets, kinds of visual industrial testing, digital magnifying glass, hospital research, education, criminal investigation, and other fields. So, there are many use of digital microscope, such as used as digital dissecting microscope, digital pathology microscope as well as digital inverted microscope and so on. This innovative digital microscope will reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. Now, we have plenty of digital microscope kit for sale, welcome to order.

Types of Video Microscope

Innovative digital microscope can be divided into polarizing microscope, digital light or optical microscope, electron microscope and digital microscope. The innovative digital microscope of Mikrometry- the measuring instruments manufacturing company is a video microscope.

Advantages of Video Microscope

Advantages of Video Microscope

Video Microscope will realize dynamic viewing and can directly observe the physical image on the computer. Thus, the transformation of human machine vision and qualitative inspection to quantitative inspection is realized, which greatly improves our work efficiency and overcomes the uncertainty of human detection. The most obvious advantage is the ergonomics of the instrument. Because the image of the sample is displayed on a monitor, users are able to view them immediately and analyze the sample image using software while sitting in a comfortable and relaxed upright position.

FAQs of Digital Microscope

What is a video microscope?

Video microscopes provide a live feed image directly to a computer, TV or an LCD projector. The main goal for a video microscope is typically a smooth real-time video image that does not jump and is fluid.

How many types of microscope are there?

There are several different types of microscopes used in light microscopy, and the four most popular types are Compound, Stereo, Digital and the Pocket or handheld microscopes. Some types are best suited for biological applications, where others are best for classroom or personal hobby use.

What are the 2 main types of microscope?

light microscopes are used to study living cells and for regular use when relatively low magnification and resolution is enough.

electron microscopes provide higher magnifications and higher resolution images but cannot be used to view living cells.

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