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Digital Height Gauge

Digital Height Gauge

The high-precision digital altimeter is a high-precision instrument designed to measure dimensions for many industrial applications and testing institutions. This digital high gauge can perform high-precision measurement of height, depth, and thickness, including special-shaped deep hole measurement, outer diameter measurement, etc. This electronic digital height gauge measurement is widely used in industries such as precision parts, precision molds, guide rails and automobile engines, and the engineering height gauge has many applications in aerospace as a aerospace height gauge and scientific research fields.

The height gauge accuracy is very high, and we provide various height gauge for sale, including height and stagger gauge, micro height gaugepin height gauge, planes height gauge, sleeve height gauge, tool height gauge, water height gauge as well as height gauge stand. The digital height gauge price are various and competitive, I believe that the price and our various height gauge types can satisfy you.

Types of Digital Height Gauges

According to the measurement accuracy, the digital altimeter can be divided into four levels: accuracy (20 ℃) ≤ 0.5um, ≤ 1um, ≤ 1.5um and ≤ 3um. According to the measuring range, it can be divided into 15mm, 50mm and 100mm. According to the working face, the height gauge with dial indicator can be divided into marble platform and ceramic platform. Different precision and range requirements can be basically met.

Advantages of Digital Height Gauge

This product adopts grating sensors with a simple structure and high precision. The current highest precision can reach 0.5um. The measurement is simple and fast, with optional data transmission methods and different probes, column height, and clamp arm specifications can be customized. Compared with the marble platform, the ceramic platform has better wear resistance and higher grinding accuracy.

FAQs of Digital Height Gauge

What is the display resolution?

There are four levels of resolution accuracy: 0.01um, 0.1um, 0.5um and 1um.

Measuring different workpieces requires different probes. Is there any solution?

As a professional measuring instruments manufacturing company, we have three series of spherical, plane and needle probes, with a total of 21 different probes. Users can choose probes according to their needs.

How to transfer data to computer?

The measurement data of advantage series of high precision digital altimeter can be transmitted to the computer through wired or wireless; the measurement data of classic series can be transmitted to the computer through wired. It is easy to install and operate. Foot switch touch signal greatly reduce the workload of engineers, easy, convenient, and efficient completion of measurement and data statistics.

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