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Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester

Test any materials in almost any situation with the Mikrometry best portable hardness tester. Digital portable metal hardness testers are used for checking the surface hardness of very large and hard materials. The digital portable metal hardness tester is small and light, easy to carry. To take a hardness measurement test on the digital hardness testing machine, you can simply load the impact body, place hardness checking instruments on the test piece (a flat or round surface), and then press the button to take the reading.

Types of Hardness Tester

The different types of mental hardness testing machine can be divided into Leeb digital portable hardness tester, Rockwell hardness test gauge instrument, Vickers hardness checking instruments, Brinell hardness test meter and so on.  As handheld electronic hardness tester manufacturers, we mainly develop and produces Leeb digital portable hardness tester and shore hardness durometer. The entire hardness checking machine range is characterized by technological innovation, precise hardness checking instruments and maximum comfort due to automation and advanced interfaces. Meanwhile, we provide various hardness measuring device made of different materials for sale, for example, portable mobile hardness measuring tester EHP110 Rebound Leeb Hardness Tester for aluminum and steel. And our portable mental hardness tester machine price is affordable.

Advantages of Hardness Tester

Mikrometry hardness checking instruments are developed Leeb hardness measurement principle based on the internationally popular digital portable metal material hardness tester. It has high accuracy, small size, easy to operate, and a wide range of measurement, especially for large, heavy-duty malleable pieces.

FAQs of Hardness Tester

How do you determine hardness?

The hardness tester, made by Mikrometry- one of reliable measuring instruments manufacturers, is equipped with a standard hardness block, which has been tested by an authoritative testing organization. Use a hardness tester to test the hardness of the hardness block. The test value is compared with the standard value of the hardness block. The hardness tester is within the error range of the hardness tester, and the hardness value measured is accurate.

What is a hardness tester used for?

Our portable Leeb hardness tester can measure the hardness of large, heavy workpieces or installed permanent parts. It can measure the hardness of parts that are not easy to be measured by bench hardness tester or in narrow space and measure the hardness of metal on curved surface.

How do hardness testers work?

The impact body equipped with a tungsten carbide ball head impacts the measured surface under the action of spring force and rebounds. The impact body is equipped with a permanent magnet, which generates an induced voltage when passing through the coil, and the impact rate and rebound rate of the impact body can be obtained by voltage measurement. The ratio of rebound rate to impact rate is used to measure the hardness of the tested material, which is the Leeb hardness.

What are the different types of hardness tests?

Common hardness tests include Rockwell hardness test, Brinell hardness test, Vickers hardness test and Leeb hardness test. In addition to these, there are Shore hardness test, Barcol hardness test, Knoop hardness test, etc.

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